Saturday, August 25th, 4 pm
School of Kernstockplatz
Welcome of course participants

Saturday, August 25th, 7.30 pm
Schlosshof Hartberg or Hartberghalle
Opening Concert

vienna clarinet connection
Philipp Sageder

Sunday, August 25th till Sunday, August 2nd
School of Kernstockplatz
Course with vienna clarinet connection

Monday, August 27th, 7.30 pm
Gasthof Pack

Tuesday, August 28th, 10.30 am
Children's concert with vienna clarinet connection and course participants

Wednesday, August 29th, 7.30 pm
Museumshof or Rittersaal Schloss Hartberg

Thursday, September 30th, 7.30 pm
Schlosshof Hartberg or Hartberghalle
Swing that music
Simone Kopmajer Band

Friday, September 31th, 6.30 pm
Hauptplatz, Museumshof or Rittersaal
Ein Sommernachtstraum
course participants, ensembles

Saturday, September 1st, 7.30 pm
Rittersaal Schloss Hartberg
Final concert with course participants

Sunday, September 2nd, 10 am
Mass of clariarte course participants live on